“Westworld” Season 2 showed a different side to Logan (Ben Barnes), and fans can’t help but pity the spoiled rich kid who was acting out at the park.

Apparently, Logan is just desperate for his father’s approval, and he is acting arrogantly because there is a void in his heart. Whatever the case, Barnes hopes his character would get to continue his story in Season 3.

When asked by the Thrillist how Logan could return, Barnes suggested, “Maybe we go can back before they even go to the park?”

He also suggested more interactions between Logan and his sister, Juliet (Sela Ward), since they seemed close.

“I did get a particular thrill when Juliet and Emily both referenced Uncle Logan. I got a big kick out of it. There is probably only a year or two period when Emily as a child could have overheard some of the adults talking about the park, when those conversations would have taken place and she could have understood,” he said. “I think that the likelihood is, for my money, they would explore obviously what happened in terms of William's actual human death. That seems something to go back to. And they’ve opened up a new world with the real world, which is fascinating and scary.”

Meanwhile, show creator Lisa Joy said that Season 3 will focus mainly on two hosts - Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) and Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright). They managed to break free from the park, and will venture into the real world.

“Season three, the main story will not be leaping that far forward. I'm really curious creatively to see what happens to Bernard and Dolores, now that they’ve finally earned their freedom. I think we’ll see a lot more of that,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s going to be a whole new world,” she added. “The first season was a more intimate look at the park from within the loops. In the second season, the hosts broke out of their loops and were able to explore more of the park. In the third season, they’ve broken out of the park itself. We're in terra incognita. “

“Westworld” has been renewed for a third season, but no release date has been given yet.

Ben Barnes has a few ideas on how Logan can return for “Westworld” Season 3. HBO