• Season 4 of HBO's "Westworld" is expected to air sometime in 2022
  • Evan Rachel Wood, who played Dolores, wants to return for "Westworld" Season 4
  • Tessa Thompson's Charlotte Hale could be next season's supervillain

"Westworld" Season 4 is in the works and may be set in the far future, away from the human world.

HBO announced the fourth season of its sci-fi Western drama on April 22, a couple of weeks ahead of Season 3 finale on May 3. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will be returning as showrunners, HBO’s president of programming Casey Bloys said at the time.

There have not been many updates on what direction the show will be taking in the upcoming season. In Season 3, the android theme park for the super-rich was largely ignored, and most of the time was spent in the human world. But the final scenes of the season suggested that this could change in "Westworld" Season 4.

Bernard’s (Jeffrey Wright) final scene appeared to suggest that "Westworld" will be heading further in the future, perhaps to find "an answer to what comes after the end of the world," TechRadar noted. The theme of free will also be explored more deeply in the upcoming season.

As for the returning cast, the future of Evan Rachel Wood is uncertain. In the Season 3 finale, her character, Dolores Abernathy, destroyed the artificial intelligence program, thereby erasing herself from existence.

Dolores is gone for good, show bosses have confirmed, but Wood recently expressed a desire to return on the HBO show.

"I would like to return," Wood said on July 9 during an appearance on the Variety and iHeart podcast "The Big Ticket."

However, the actress also confirmed in the same interview that "the Dolores that we know is gone," according to the showrunners.

Viewers can also see more of Caleb (Aaron Paul) in "Westworld" Season 4, including his relationship with Maeve, revealed actress Thandie Newton.

"Maeve's relationship with Caleb, that’s interesting, too, because we've had very little of that,” she said during an interview with Deadline. "I don't think it's going to be as simple as Caleb just continues the work that Dolores is doing."

"Although why has Dolores put him in that position? Is she really that interested in humanity having a leader? Why? Is it just an experiment for her? Step out to pop up to a whole other planet and start doing shit over there? I just think it’s worlds within worlds," she continued.

Another development could be the transformation of Tessa Thompson's Charlotte Hale into a supervillain in the upcoming installment.

As for the premiere date, "Westworld" Season 4 is expected to air sometime in 2022 as the gap between seasons has been two years so far.

“Westworld” creator Lisa Joy revealed what fans can expect for Season 3. HBO