Now that “Westworld” Season 1 is nearing its finale, fans’ questions and theories on the show have reached an all-time high. Who is Arnold? Is the show featuring two different time frames? Are there more hosts among the living?

A Reddit user, however, thinks fans have missed the most important thing about the show. He posted a photo featuring Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) painting a beautiful scenery. Below the  photo is the all-important question.

The real question no one is asking...

Showrunner Jonathan Nolan seemed to find this question hilarious because he even responded, despite having remained mum regarding fan theories and the like.

“Doesn’t look like anything to me,” he wrote, then linked to a clip showing a man in white browsing through pages and pages of the same painting. The scene, according to Slash Film, was never aired.


Given its success, it comes as no surprise that HBO renewed the sci-fi show for a second season.

HBO’s new programming president Casey Bloys said that “Westworld” resonated well with fans from all over the globe, so he is happy to extend its success. “It’s fantastic to have a broad-based cultural and ratings hit to build from,” Bloys told Variety of “Westworld.” “That’s a great, great luxury.”

Bloys said that the show created by Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy is always buzzed about, so he makes it a point to scroll through social media and listen to podcasts after each episode airs. “The level of detail that people devote to thinking about it is impressive,” he said.

Both Nolan and Joy are overjoyed for the opportunity to have a second season run. “We’re thrilled that the saga of ‘Westworld’ will continue for another season,” said Nolan and Joy. “During the lengthy journey to the screen, our incredibly talented actors, staff and crew became a family, and we look forward to the privilege of continuing this experience with them.”

“Westworld” airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.