It seems like Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright), the head of the park’s Programming Division in “Westworld,” has given host Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) the freedom to go out of her loop and explore new things.

But what is his special connection to Dolores? When they talk, Dolores is always fully clothed, which means he does not see her as just a host. He even allowed her read a book that has significance to his dead son. He seems to treat her like a real person, even though other park operators don’t.

Wright told Collider that this is where Bernard differs from his boss, Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). “I think Bernard is fascinated by the idea of synthetic consciousness and the idea that they could be or are creating new life forms. Ford is not interested in that,” he said. “Ford reminds Bernard that they’re not real and that it’s all an allusion, and that if you think any further about it, it can be dangerous.”

“Perhaps we’ll find that there are reasons that Bernard is desirous of these discoveries and perhaps we’ll find out later on that the conversations he’s had with Dolores are very specific in their intent,” he continued. “That will all be a part of the discovery for the audience, as far as the origins and the past, present and future of this mad circus known as Westworld.”

It has been speculated that Bernard himself is a host controlled by Ford, according to HBO Binge. Some people even think that he is the host form of Ford’s former partner, Arnold.

“Westworld” director Fred Toye explained to The Hollywood Reporter that Arnold is such an important figure despite his absence because he makes people question what really is reality and what’s not.