• Brian Austin Green is open to reconciling with ex Megan Fox
  • Green has always wanted Fox to be happy with or without him
  • Fox's ex-husband trolled one of her posts with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly 

Megan Fox's ex-husband Brian Austin Green answered the question on whether he likes her ex’s new boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly or not as the two started dating shortly after he announced their separation.

Green dished more details about his take on his split from the "Transformers" star on Instagram Live on Aug. 29. He also responded to the question on whether he likes Fox's new man after him or not.

"I’ve never met him, I have no idea, I’ve never heard anything bad from him or bad from Megan about him," Green said as quoted by Us Weekly.

"I’ve heard bad stories about him, but I’ve heard bad stories about myself as well and I know that most of those aren’t true. As of right now, I have no problem with him. I really hope that he and Megan are happy because it’s important that she’s happy and it’s important that everyone is happy."

Green also revealed that he is not closing his doors when it comes to a potential reconciliation with his ex-wife. He looked back at what they shared and said they went through a lot and no one can tell what the future holds.

"I never say never," Green said.

"I kinda feel like people are on paths in life and sometimes your paths are together and you travel that path together and you see eye to eye and then sometimes paths do different things."

Green and Fox were together for 15 years and share three kids Bodhi, 7, Noah, 6, and Journey, 3. He also has a teenager son, Kassius, 18, with ex-fiancée Vanessa Marcil.

Green shared he wanted Fox to be happy with our without him.

"Right now the paths are different and she is on her path doing what she feels she needs to be doing to be happy and I’m on my path doing what I feel I need to do to be happy and it’s not for a lack of love for the kids or lack of being responsible," he continued.

In related news, Green previously wished Fox to be happy with her new love. However, he seemingly shaded one of her posts on Instagram with Kelly. The "Rogue" actress shared a mirror selfie with Kelly and shared it on social media.

"Achingly Beautiful Boy... My heart is yours," Fox wrote on Instagram.

Hours after her post, Green also shared a snap of his four kids.

"Achingly beautiful boys...... My heart is yours," he wrote in the caption.

Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, photographed in Los Angeles Oct. 11, 2014, at Ferrari’s celebration of 60 years in America, are reportedly rethinking their plans to end their marriage. Photo: Getty Images