Queen Bey surprised fans on Friday when she made an unexpected stop at a Massachusetts Walmart. She and Jay-Z even gifted all of the 720 shoppers in the store with a $50 gift card, totaling $37,500. Tumblr/IAmBeyonce

After her worldwide musical assault with the surprise release of her fifth studio album, 2013 has turned out to be the year of the Bey.

Beyoncé's new album was perfectly timed for the holiday season. But for those BeyHive members in your life, there are several other gift options you can choose to make their Christmas even fiercer. From sweatshirts to perfume, we've gathered 10 Beyoncé inspired gifts sure to please any Queen Bey Fan. So check out the list below and make sure you get those online orders in before those delivery deadlines pass -- no one wants an angry Bumble Bey on Christmas morning.

1. The "Beyoncé" Album

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 7
Physical copies of "Beyoncé" are now available for purchase in several stores, including Starbucks and Walmart. Instagram/Beyonce

Bey's fifth studio album "Beyoncé" is the most obvious Christmas gift choice. But with 14 new tracks and 17 videos, it will be quite the treat for any fan who doesn't already have it. You can purchase the digital copy on iTunes for $15.99.

2. A Varsity Football Jersey-Style T-shirt

This handmade tee comes in two styles. A black shirt with white lettering and a white shirt with black lettering. Etsy.com/21stCenturyClothing

For a pretty unique display of affection, a T-shirt styled like a varsity football jersey will set your favorite Bumble Bey apart from the rest of the hive. 21st Century Clothing sells their version of the shirt for $23.49 on Etsy.

3. A Lovely Tour T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 6
There are several creative tees available from the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour on the Beyonce.com site.

Not everyone was able to land tickets to Beyoncé's spectacular Mrs. Carter Show World Tour that kicked off earlier this year. But lucky for them, exclusive tour tees are available for purchase on the Beyonce.com. The prices range from around $40 to $60.

4. A Scent To Remember

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 6
Heat was named the most successful celebrity fragrance of all time just this year. The world tour edition is the star's sixth scent. Beyonce.com

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour inspired version of Bey's highly successful fragrance Heat has been quite the hit since its release this year. And it will likely be as large of a smash for fan looking for special scent.

5. A Poster Made For A King, Or A Queen

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 6
This poster features an image from Beyonce's gorgeous GQ spread from early this year. AllPosters.com

A new Beyoncé poster is a simple gift that doesn't cost much at all. Just be sure to get the poster framed to make the gift even more special. All Posters has several Bey posters for sale as low as $8.99.

6. A Stylish Sweatshirt

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 6
A "B" sweatshirt is quite the flawless addition to any Beyoncé fan's wardrobe. Beyonce.com

With the crisp temperatures of winter officially here to stay, a sharp Beyoncé sweatshirt is perfect for some seasonal-appropriate layering. The sweatshirt above is available on Beyonce.com for $65.

7. A Floral Suprise

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 6
A hat is another great addition to any Bey fan's wardrobe. Beyonce.com

You have flowers. And you have Beyoncé. Who could ask for anything more. The hat is available on Beyonce.com for a reasonable $35.

8. Beyoncé's 2014 Calendar

The calendar is quite the practical gift for Bey's fans worldwide.

An entire year of Beyoncé is the stuff dreams are made of. It is the singer's first official calendar, featuring a total of 14 different Beyoncé images. The $15 calendar is available on her online shop.

9. Tickets To The Show

If you are really hoping to make someone's year, snagging tickets to one of Beyoncé's remaining tour dates would likely make for the most memorable gift of the year. Though Sunday marks the end of her U.S. leg of the tour. For a big spender determined to see her live, she announced new European show dates as well.

10. "Beyoncé" Album Bundle

Beyonce album release party Instagram

The exclusive album bundle for "Beyoncé" has it all covered. It comes with the new visual album/DVD, a fleece crew neck and a logo snap back for $90. It's the ultimate win for any BeyHive member!