While shoppers usually wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get sweet deals on items, shopping for cannabis merchandise during the Thanksgiving week is starting to become a trend in the marijuana industry.

Tommy Chong made the call to rename Black Friday as Green Friday on Twitter recently, and apparently marijuana businesses have already adopted the shopping holiday. The “Cheech & Chong” movie star and creator of Chong’s Choice – a line of cannabis and marijuana-related products – suggested for dispensaries and retailers to start offering holiday sales on marijuana products in early November.

The idea of Green Friday comes as marijuana sales have been on the rise ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday for a few years now, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. Sales data of Washington dispensaries compiled by Headset, a cannabis analytics firm in Seattle, said sales were up 13 percent on Black Friday last year, according to the report. Some Colorado-based companies saw early orders and purchases double ahead of Green Friday in 2015 including Baker, a pre-order cannabis company in Denver that told Bloomberg “a much more significant bump” in sales was expected for the upcoming Friday.

Marijuana sales were also up 27 percent on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving last year. Dispensaries sold 28 percent more edibles and 72 percent more marijuana-infused beverages on what's being called Weed Wednesday in 2015.

Plenty of online retailers and stores located in legalized states have already started offering deals on pot products leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. Check out a few Green Friday below:

 Magical Butter: Customers can save $30 on Magical Butter 2.0 blenders with discount code TDC420 at checkout.

Brothers With Glass: Weed Wednesday sales gives customers 15 percent off dab rings, hand pipes and water pipes until midnight on Thanksgiving, but the online smoke shop is offering surprise discounts and hidden giveaways all day on Green Friday.

Dorm Grow: Growers won’t want to miss out on LED light discounts. With the discount code BK40, marijuana farmers can purchase grow lights with a buy-one-get-one-40-percent-off sale from now through Friday.

Dank Geek: Shoppers can take 15 percent off purchases with the promo code BLACK15 at checkout from now through Monday.

Growers House: The hydroponic and grow supplies shop is offering 15 percent off all items on the site as well as 20 percent off Canna Nutrients Products, Emerald Harvest and Odor Masking products from now through Monday.