Prince William and Kate Middleton have been blessed with the three children and they are all perfectly healthy. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also welcomed their firstborn last month.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans are wondering what would have happened if the royal couples gave birth to a child who has a disability. Steve Cassidy, an editorial fellow at PC Pro Magazine, said that he thinks the elderly royals would put the life of the disabled child first before anything or anyone else.

Cynthia Fell, a resident of the United Kingdom, used John, the fifth child of King George V and Queen Mary as an example. She said that John was diagnosed with epilepsy at such a young age, and this resulted in him having a learning disability and an intellectual disability.

But despite his condition, the royal family never hid John from the public. “He appeared in public quite frequently until around the age of 11 when his condition worsened. He slowly disappeared from the public view and no official portraits of him were commissioned after 1913,” she said.

Peter Quodling, a technology strategist, said that the royal family should be blamed if they have relatives who are disabled.

“Another important consideration is that the Royals have been some prone over multiple generations to a moderate level of inbreeding – the multiple royal families of Europe have ‘cross-bred’ before bringing ‘commoners’ into their gene pool to freshen things up. While lack of genetic diversity is sometimes considered to be a precursor/predisposition to disabilities, this hasn’t been noticeable,” he said.

Alex Denethorn, who worked with autistic children, said that today’s modern times may have changed how royals would handle having a disabled child in their family. If the child was born in the 1920s, it is highly likely for it to be hidden from the public’s eye.

But since it’s already 2019, it seems that the elderly royals will no longer be ashamed to have a disabled child as a son or a daughter.