The internet’s imagination went wild Wednesday when Nintendo announced it would reveal a “new interactive experience” for younger players. Would it be a new “Animal Crossing” game? What about a follow up to the Wii U’s Miiverse online ecosystem?

Nintendo threw a curveball at everyone with the announcement of Nintendo Labo, a sort of DIY setup where players young and old can make cardboard contraptions and play Nintendo Switch games with them. The trailer explains it better than a single sentence ever could.

Nintendo’s website said players will “start with a piece of cardboard” and end up with something that can be used to play a video game, of sorts. As seen in the trailer, examples include a small piano, a fishing rod and the handlebars of a motorcycle. Players follow instructions on the Switch’s screen to build each “controller” before placing the Switch tablet into some kind of slot where you can see the game.

Theoretically, anyway. The kinds of controllers in the trailer range from relatively normal to completely bizarre.

Nintendo Labo has April 20 release date and the price starts at $69.99. That price will get players the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, which contains five different “Toy-Con” projects to build, including the fishing rod and motorcycle handlebars. For $10 more, players can get the giant Robot Kit, which contains the cardboard robotic exoskeleton seen in the trailer. Each Toy-Con kit also comes with a game card containing the actual game software.

The Nintendo website also emphasized that kids can customize their cardboard creations by coloring in the different sections of each Toy-Con. Of course, a Nintendo Switch console is required to do any of these things.