Prince William and Prince Harry were still very young when their mom, Princess Diana, passed away on Aug. 31, 1997.

Following the death of the Princess of Wales, several murder conspiracy theories surrounded her demise. Now, some royal fans are convinced that Prince William and Prince Harry had some thoughts about all of the speculations surrounding their mother’s passing.

On the online forum site Quora, Sallie Smythe, a royalist, monarchist, and eternal optimist, said that if Prince William and Prince Harry have thoughts about the conspiracy theories, they will most likely not share them to the world.

“Both Princes have spoken, on camera, about their disdain for the paparazzi. They claim that their mother was ‘hunted’ and hounded to her death; even going as far as to take photographs of her lying in the back of her car, snapping away as she literally lay dying,” she wrote.

But Smythe also said that if Prince William and Prince Harry think that their mother was murdered by someone else, it is highly likely that they will no longer use the title of Prince and they would also stop acting as royals.

Debsy Opperman said that the conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Diana’s death are being treated with the contempt that it deserves by Prince William and Prince Harry.

Opperman is also convinced that Princess Diana was not murdered. Rather, her death became unavoidable because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.

“What I find totally weird is letting her two sons rather stoically following her coffin with a stiff upper lip in front of millions of people in London and worldwide TV. Who would do that to children?” she asked.

Sheena Brown also said that she doesn’t think Prince William and Prince Harry’s father and grandfather had anything to do with the death of Princess Diana. And if Princess Diana was murdered by the members of the royal family, it would be impossible for Prince William and Prince Harry to forge a close relationship with their relatives.

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Princess Diana's death was surrounded with rumors of a possible murder. Pictured: Royal family leave the church of St. Mary Magdalen near Sandrigham House 25 December. Getty Images/Poo/AFP