Ubisoft recently held its E3 2019 press conference. Here are the highlights if you missed it Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

Ubisoft just made an interesting addition to Ubisoft Club: a personal gaming assistant named Sam that functions just like Apple’s Siri but only for Ubisoft’s games.

On Wednesday, Ubisoft published an introduction to the gaming assistant on its YouTube channel. The video shows a user launching the Ubisoft Club app on his iPhone then pressing the microphone button to talk to Sam. The user asks Sam, “How long have I played ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins,’ exactly?” And Sam quickly responds with a very specific answer: “You have played 17 hours and 52 minutes. You’ve only explored 31 percent of the game so far.”

The ad then shows that Sam does more than just answering questions about game progress. The user in the clip proceeds with asking the gaming personal assistant, “So who’s the best Assassin? Bayek or Ezio?” Unfortunately, the promo clip jumps to another scene instead of showing which Assassin Sam picked.

Based on the introductory clip, Sam does not only respond to voice queries. Users can also interact with the digital assistant by typing questions on Sam’s chat page. And by the looks of it, Sam is capable of checking what games the user’s friends are playing. And if users are interested in a game, they can ask Sam for help in buying the game from the Ubisoft Store.

Sam also delivers notifications to the lockscreen in case there are some important details about gaming activity that users need to be aware of. More importantly, Sam knows when the user has started playing a game on a different device and needs some pointers and tips on how to accomplish an in-game mission.

“With Sam, spend more time playing and less time searching! Developed by Ubisoft Club, Sam leverages your profile information, game library, friends and community to deliver tailored and dedicated tips and information about your Ubisoft games,” the description for Sam reads.

While Sam is great at responding about anything related to Ubisoft’s games, the same cannot be said of its ability to answer non-gaming inquiries. Engadget has learned about this after testing a demo version of the Siri-like service. When they asked about the weather in Manhattan, Sam came up with fictional weather details for the world inside “Assassin’s Creed.”

Ubisoft says Sam is only available in English for now. Also, the assistant is only live for users in Canada at the moment. A wider rollout for the Ubisoft Club iOS and Android apps is expected to happen soon though.