“Days of Our Lives” will be doing something very different for November Sweeps, as the show’s 54th anniversary kicks off a surprising time jump in the storylines, and viewers will see what happens in Salem one year from the current timeline.

The move, which has been hinted at for a while, is something that has never before been done on a daytime soap opera, which makes it an unprecedented and intriguing change in format from the usual way things would be done during one of the biggest ratings months of the year. The NBC soap is known for always bringing intense moments to screen and big shocks, so what might fans get to see when they make this big jump? Here’s everything we know so far:

Chad And Abigail Return

Fans have sorely missed “Chabby” since they left the Salem canvas in February, remarrying and moving to Paris. While they haven’t been entirely off the canvas, starring in their own spin-off on the “DOOL” app, this time jump will usher the couple back to Salem and the main show for a time. Not only will they likely bring the issues they’ve been facing while abroad with them, but the two will also likely be contending with their individual family problems as well.

Someone Dies

“An unexpected death” is set to be revealed early on in the time jump, according to spoilers. While death certainly hasn’t been something the show has shied away from the rest of the year ( both Stefan DiMera and Caroline Brady died in 2019), this one may be one of the more heartbreaking ones of the year. With Jennifer’s (Melissa Reeves) fate hanging in the balance because of her encounter with Princess Gina (Kristian Alfonso), she seems like the most likely candidate, though killing a legacy member of the Horton family would be a huge story to tackle.

JJ Returns To His Former Ways

The storyline surrounding Jennifer appears to be at the center of most of the time jump, with it naturally bringing her daughter back to town, but it will also affect her son. JJ (Casey Moss) has turned his life around in so many ways since his days as a teen and was reformed by his romances with first Paige, and now, Haley (Thia Megia). However, it appears the situation with his mom will take its toll, as spoilers have indicated that he will be caught high on drugs once again.

Princess Gina Is Still Around

Days Time Jump 2 Princess Gina (Kristian Alfonso) will be sticking around after the time jump on “Days of Our Lives.” Photo: XJ Johnson/JPI Studios for NBC

Princess Gina is here to stay. Hope’s alter ego came back after Rolf (William Utay) implanted her with the chip that brings it out again, and she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Whether or not the rest of Salem has yet figured out that she’s back or not (or the role she’s played in Jennifer’s predicament) remains to be seen.

Steve Johnson Likely Returns To The Canvas

Another long-missing face will finally come back to the show and should appear during the time jump. After Steve (Stephen Nichols) got his eyesight back but learned it was because of Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) working with Stefan to get him the bionic eye, he was devastated. He was then taken off-canvas after he was arrested because the eye was seen as a form of espionage, and he went on to stay off canvas as he searched for evidence to prove what really happened. Now, he should be coming back, especially since Stefan is gone—but whether or not his return is a happy one will be a mystery.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.