Will Aria accept Ezra’s proposal? “Pretty Little Liars” fans are dying to find out the answer after the Freeform series took last week off.

Episode 5 ended on a cliffhanger as Ezra (Ian Harding) got down on one knee to propose to Aria (Lucy Hale). But the budding young author didn’t exactly look thrilled to see her longtime love with an engagement ring — and for good reason. She didn’t tell him about killing Elliott Rollins (Huw Collins) or that he received a call from Nicole’s (Rebecca Breeds) number, his former girlfriend who everyone believes to be dead. Needless to say, things may get a little complicated in episode 6, titled “Wanted: Dead or Alive.”

The synopsis for tonight’s episode teases that Ezria will deal with “awkwardness in their relationship.” Does that mean that Aria won’t accept his proposal?

Meanwhile, the Rosewood police department will begin to “unravel the Liars’ cover-up.” After burying Rollins in the woods, the girls planted his car at a train station and bought him a ticket for Philadelphia. However, Rollins was “spotted” in Baltimore, meaning that someone is reworking the plan to cover up his death. But who would do that? And why? That will eat at Hanna (Ashley Benson), who wants to go to the police to tell them the truth about what happened. Unfortunately, that won’t be Hanna’s biggest problem. Alison (Sasha Pieterse) will learn that her friends sold her out as Charlotte’s (Vanessa Ray) killer in order to free Hanna from her tormentor.

The recent drama will continue to tear everyone apart. And there may be other forces working behind-the-scenes. Jenna’s (Tammin Sursok) “plot” will be revealed — including a “new partner she is in cahoots with.” Who could her “new partner” be? After teaming up with Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) and Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) in episode 5, almost anything is possible. However, “Pretty Little Liars” fans should remember that nothing is ever that simple in Rosewood. Someone will get murdered for “playing with the wrong team.”

Who do you think will get killed off in episode 6 of “Pretty Little Liars”? Catch the latest Season 7 installment when it airs on Freeform on Tuesday, August 2, at 8 p.m. EDT.