With just days away from the anticipated July 11 birth of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William's first child, many are questioning what name will be given to the royal bundle of joy. While the family has yet to reveal the gender of the newborn, guesses are rampant as to what name the couple will bestow on their child.

While unique names such as North West and Ace Knute have highlighted the majority of celebrity baby name choices in recent months, many are speculating that Middleton will opt for a more traditional title. “ [They will choose] dynastic names; names with a sense of history,” said CNN royal contributor Victoria Arbiter, who claims the couple will choose titles of continuity that the “survival of the monarchy depends on.”

While many have speculated that Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, will find its way into the newborn’s name, Arbiter said it’s unlikely it will be the child’s first. "Alexandra Elizabeth Frances Mary for a girl,” she said, also revealing an equally traditional name for a potential royal baby boy. “George Philip Arthur Charles for a boy,” she said. Arbiter isn’t the only one guessing the potential names for the newborn -- bidders are also taking bets on the child's possible first and middle names.

Most Popular Rumored Girl Names:

1. Elizabeth Diana Carole. According a report from Us Weekly, the child’s name is rumored to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth, Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, and Middleton’s mom, Carole.

2. Alexandra- If the royal baby is female, there is a good chance this may be her name. According to a report from the Huffington Post, the name has high 2-1 odds as it is one of Queen Elizabeth’s middle names and the name of Prince William’s godmother.

3. Alexandra Elizabeth Frances Mary- CNN royal contributor Victoria Arbiter’s first choice for a girl name for the couple includes the top name betters are rooting for. Arbiter claims the duo will chose a name with a “sense of history.”

4. Charlotte- The name, currently No. 24 in popularity in the U.K., now stands with odds 4-1 that the royal baby will be blessed with that name, according to the Huffington Post. It is also the middle name of Middleton’s (rumored to be engaged) sister Pippa Middleton.

5. Diana- Odds that the baby will be named solely after Prince William’s late mother are not high with only 6-1 odds. “I really don’t think they’ll use Diana for a first child,” Arbiter told CNN.

Most Popular Rumored Boy Names:

1. George Philip Arthur Charles- In keeping with royal traditions, Arbiter said the couple may choose to bestow their child with the name “George” to honor past monarchs. According to the Huffington Post, “George” is also a front-runner with most betters with current 12-1 odds.


2. Philip- A name with current 23-1 odds, the Huffington Post reported this name is a front-runner if the baby is male. The name would reportedly honor Prince William’s grandfather.


3. Louis- A name with 25-1 odds, the name is one of Prince William’s two middle names. The Duke of Cambridge was gifted the title to play homage to Prince Charles’s mentor, Lord Louis Mountbatten.


4. James- Despite Middleton’s brother holding the same title, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that if chosen, the child will be named after the former British royal House of Stuart and not the child’s uncle.


5. Chesterfield- A name with current 100-1 odds, only a few betters consider this unique title to be the possible name of the royal baby, reported the Huffington Post.