Kate Upton
Kate Upton Instagram

To the delight of many, Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton joined Instagram this week. So now the masses can see candid, never-before-seen pictures of the blonde beauty.

For those who are clamoring to get a glimpse of the buxom model’s photos, she’s easiest enough to find on IG. Simply type “Kate Upton” into the explore section of the app, and make sure you’re looking for users. But for anyone who doesn’t have the app on their phone, click here to see the 21-year-old’s Instagram.

Upton’s tag line on the site reads: “Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly.”

She started out with a little help from her friends at SI who supplied her with a few shots. She also added one of herself posing with fellow model Chrissy Teigen, who is famously married to crooner John Legend.

After joining a week ago, the starlet already has nearly 500,000 followers. For her first post, she added a picture from her talked-about zero gravity shoot, where the model posed as if she were in space -- except instead of wearing a space suit, she donned a bikini.

Upton also posted pictures of her friends and shared a cute image when she was in the Cook Islands.

The Hollywood Gossip pointed out Upton could soon become one of Instagram’s most followed users considering she hasn’t even shared nine photos and is already averaging more than 10,000 likes per picture.

As a contrast, Emily Ratajkowski has been more than happy to share her bikini photos with IG users and its earned her a following of 839,565. She might be in first place for now, but Ratajkowski has also posted more than 600 snapshots.

Upton is pretty exclusive with who she follows, so all nine people should feel pretty honored. Not surprisingly, Teigen happens to be one of the people Upton subscribes to.

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