California teen
Obdulia Sanchez is seen in a police booking photo from the Merced County Sheriff's Department in Merced, California, July 24, 2017. Reuters

Obdulia Sanchez, who livestreamed the crash that killed her sister and injured another person, pleaded not guilty Wednesday.

The 18-year-old was being held at the Merced County Jail in California on a $300,000 bond after being accused of driving under the influence and causing bodily injury and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

Obdulia was arrested Friday after she livestreamed the video of the crash on Instagram, which showed her beside her sister Jacqueline Sanchez. The incident took place when Obdulia was traveling with Jacqueline and her sister's girlfriend Manuela Seja. In the footage that surfaced on social media, Sanchez can be seen filming herself while driving and singing along to music as her 14-year-old sister and her friend sat in the backseat.

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Obdulia could face a maximum sentence of 13 years and eight months in prison if convicted, People magazine reported, citing authorities.

Ramnik Samrao, the lawyer defending Obdulia, responded on her behalf, telling People she will always feel “morally responsible” for the crash, separate from the accusations she now faced.

Samrao also cautioned against rushing to a judgment based on the video footage that she posted online, adding there was reason to believe Obdulia called 911 and tried to stop cars for help after the accident.

“The main thing that I want people to know is that — most people have seen this video and they just have this reaction on the kind of person she is based on this little clip into her life when they don’t know anything about her,” Samrao said.

“We don’t know that she was drunk,” he said during the hearing Wednesday. “That’s the allegation.”

“She does obviously feel terrible and she’s trying to deal with it in the way that she can," he told People.

In a statement, Merced’s Chief Deputy District Attorney Harold Nutt said: “The behavior demonstrated both prior to and after the incident, as documented by the defendant’s own recording, is disturbing and shocking.” He added, “The Merced County District Attorney’s Office will do everything in its power to see that justice is done in this matter.”

Earlier reports claimed Obdulia continued recording the live footage even after the crash. The video showed Obdulia leaning over her sister’s body and speaking to her while continuing to record.

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“Wake up, baby,” she can be heard saying. “I’m f------ sorry, baby, I did not mean to kill you sweetie. This is the last thing I wanted to happen, okay? Rest in peace, sweetie.”

The other passenger who was injured in the crash told reporters she was attempting to flag down help while Obdulia continued to record the disturbing video. “Jacqueline, please wake up,” Obdulia said in the video. “I f------ killed my sister, ok? I know I’m going to jail for life.”