Netizens discuss what Queen Elizabeth II does to live a healthy life at her age.

The monarch is already 93 years old, but she is not showing signs of slowing down. A netizen took to Quora and asked what Queen Elizabeth II does to maintain her health and stay fit. The royal fans have different opinions about the matter, but many believe that her genes are among the factors that contribute to her longevity.

“Longevity is related most strongly to two factors: genes and surviving childhood. She's done well on both. Her mother was over 100. Her father might have lived longer had he not smoked like a chimney,” Matthew Kleid, a paralegal, commented.

“It all happened when she inherited her genes from her mum, who lived to 101. Obviously good health care helps too,” Rob Lowe added.

According to James O’Malley, the Queen is from an age where the royals’ marriage was very, very important. They usually “had the pick of some choice stock” and would look for partners who didn’t have personal or family health problems.

Aside from her good genes, Queen Elizabeth II has access to the best food. Her son Prince Charles owns and manages the Duchy of Cornwall Estate where he grows organic produce. Her Majesty’s good nutrition maximizes her good genes.

Carla Berslusconi, a resident of the United Kingdom, also believes that the Queen’s attitude has helped her age well. The Queen has a good sense of humor and has been photographed laughing. There was even a time when the Queen’s cheeky sense of humor saved a royal guest from an awkward situation.

In 1960, Charles De Gaulle made an official visit to London with his wife Madam Yvonne De Gaulle. The Queen threw a state dinner at Buckingham Palace to honor the guests.

According to Adam Helliker, one guest asked the president’s wife about her retirement. She didn’t speak much English and with great elaboration replied “a penis.” There was an awkward silence until the Queen rescued her with a broad grin saying, “Ah, happiness.”

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives before the Opening of the Flanders' Fields Memorial Garden at Wellington Barracks on Nov. 6, 2014, in London, England. Getty Images/Stefan Wermuth-WPA Pool