The latest update of WhatsApp for iOS is now available for download from the App Store. Getty Images/Carl Court

WhatsApp has introduced new camera features that let you customize and enhance the photos and videos you share with people. You can now write or draw over images or videos as well as add emojis.

The messaging app will also offer new editing tools and support for front-facing flash, which will brighten photos taken at night or in low-light. You can double-tap to switch between the front and rear camera, while swiping up and down during video capture will let you zoom in and out of a video.

WhatsApp New Camera Features
WhatsApp introduces Snapchat-like Doodling features. WhatsApp

The editing tools will automatically show up when you click a picture or record a video from WhatsApp or when you share an existing file.

The similarity with Snapchat is uncanny. Anyone who has used Snapchat will be familiar with adding emojis to pictures and videos. In fact, the interface looks so much like Snapchat, that you might not be able differentiate one from the other. Both apps use the open-source Twemoji for emojis, so they will offer the same emojis.

The new camera features have begun rolling out on Android starting Monday while iPhone users are expected to get them soon.