WhatsApp's much-awaited feature may finally arrive after months of rumors and speculations. The latest leaks confirmed that the Dark Mode feature is now in the works.

WhatsApp users have been waiting for the dark elusive feature to arrive. Many have been frustrated about the company’s decision for being late in embracing the Dark Mode feature. The Cupertino-based, Apple, overhauled its mobile operating system iOS13 to add the system-wide Dark Mode feature. Google also embraced the new feature when it launched its Android 10 operating system, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, the Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram received the Dark Mode treatment a few weeks ago.

The web-based publication WABetaInfo has been covering future updates for the social messaging platform. The source is known for scouring through early versions of the program in a bid to discover upcoming features, like the potential release of the Dark Mode feature on WhatsApp. Earlier this month, the web-based publication has grabbed a fresh image of what seems to be a WhatsApp Dark Mode feature and shared it on the internet. The latest details showed an image of the app settings page along with the new color theme, suggesting some progress in the feature development.

WhatsApp antonbe/pixabay.com

In addition to that, there is also an image of an empty chat menu. But, the most interesting thing about the shared images was arguably the color of WhatsApp’s Dark Mode feature. Instead of using the OLED-friendly black tones, the company showed a completely new, a dark blue finish. However, the Dark Mode feature still needs some refinement and was not shown working seamlessly with the app’s new color scheme.

Earlier this week, WABetaInfo shared another image of the much-awaited Dark Mode feature, showing a new chat app with color messages. The images also showed the recipient's messages in a lighter blue color, while the sender’s messages to be a deep shade of green. This must be the first time the company has shared more detailed images of the works on the upcoming WhatsApp feature. The fresh image suggests that the messaging platform is still hard at work on the dark mode functionality.

In the recent 2.19.282 beta update submitted to the Google Play Beta Program, the WABetaInfo has learned that WhatsApp still working on a new Dark Mode feature (called Dark Theme), which reportedly used night blue colors. The publication has posted an image of this latest works, which showed a System default option for setting the theme. You can check the WABetaInfo website for more about these images.

In the latest 2.19292 beta update, the publication learned that the Dark Mode feature is still not available for WhatsApp users. But, works are getting more progress. In this latest beta update, the posted images suggest that WhatsApp is working on bubbles in the chat app. Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation yet about when WhatsApp is going to release the much-awaited Dark Mode feature.