It’s been nearly 10 months since CBS crowned its last “Big Brother” winner and with no premiere date for its summer 2020 season set, fans of the multi-camera reality show are likely wondering: when is it coming back?

While the series historically premieres its annual installments in late June or early July, this year's edition is changing things up due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, fans should expect a new season of "Big Brother" to air this year.

Although the exact premiere date remains unknown, TMZ reports that contestants are due to head to Los Angeles to begin filming Season 22 in late July, stating “the coronavirus isn't preventing another season, but it is delaying things a bit.” If things go as planned, this could point towards a possible August premiere on CBS.

This update comes after Us Weekly reported last month that the season was set to commence filming in early July with an eyed Wednesday, July 22, premiere date.

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When new episodes do hit CBS and the 24-hour live streams start rolling on CBS All Access, fans can anticipate seeing a few familiar faces-- and we’re not just talking about host Julie Chen Moonves.

Over the past several weeks, rumors have been flying that due to the pandemic, “Big Brother” Season 22's lineup will be made up of past all-star contestants. TMZ reports that producers were in the middle of casting new faces in May when they were forced to close up shop due to the pandemic. This, in turn, resulted in the idea of compiling past favorites from prior seasons to compete on the new installment.

“Our sources say an all-star cast made the most sense because those contestants are already familiar with the show and have already been vetted by network execs,” noted the outlet. “Plus it would have been difficult to cast fresh faces for a new season in the middle of a pandemic, a process we're told would have dragged on for weeks.”

As for how the series will keep its cast safe from contracting the virus, the players will be quarantined for two weeks prior to entering the “Big Brother” set at which time they’ll be isolated together until they're either eliminated or win on finale night.

For viewers wanting their summer dose of “Big Brother,” seasons 1 through 21 are currently available to stream on CBS All Access for subscribers.

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Host Julie Chen Moonves talks to the "Big Brother" Season 21 cast during the finale. Monty Brinton/CBS