Season 4 of Hallmark Channel’s “Good Witch” might be over, but the show isn’t gone for good. The fate of the show in terms of a Season 5 remains unknown, but the network announced that the series will return with a Halloween movie special later this year.

The show, which began in February 2015, has had an October movie every year, and 2018 won’t be the exception. News of the upcoming special arrived right after the Season 4 finale of “Good Witch” on Sunday night, which made a lot of sense for those who know how the episode ended.

While the official title and plot of the Halloween event have not yet been revealed, a quick Season 4 finale recap might make the latter easy enough for Goodies to guess. The Season 3 finale of “Good Witch” saw Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam (James Denton) getting engaged, and a lot of Season 4 centered on the two planning their wedding. As much as fans were looking forward to seeing their big day finally unfold during Sunday’s finale, it was a different wedding they ended up seeing.

good witch halloween 2018
The “Good Witch” Season 4 finale had a few twists and turns for the Middleton residents. Crown Media / Shane Mahood

The couple learned that Brian and Emma would have to hold off on getting married themselves because they were about to be deployed and, being who they are, Cassie and Sam decided to give them their wedding date. Viewers watched as Brian and Emma got married in front of Grey House, but they were then left to wonder when they’d get to see Sam and Cassie tie the knot.

The answer? The two will have a Halloween wedding! With how much Cassie loves that time of the year, it’s almost like magic how things turned out. Plus, since not everyone was able to make it for their original wedding date, perhaps Cassie and Sam will be able to have all the guests there that they wanted to have in the first place.

“Good Witch” won’t be the only Hallmark show having a special this year. The network’s popular period drama, “When Calls the Heart,” will once again debut a Christmas movie. It’ll bridge the gap between the emotional Season 5 finale, which aired in April, and Season 6, which premieres in early 2019.

While fans are waiting for both of these show specials, they’ll have an entire season of another Hallmark show to watch. Season 3 of “Chesapeake Shores,” which stars Meghan Ory and Jesse Metcalfe, kicks off on Aug. 5. Hallmark lovers will also have a handful of new movies to watch as part of the network’s Summer Nights event, which starts on July 28. The “Good Witch” Halloween 2018 movie special will be here before you know it.