Jinger Duggar didn’t announce a due date for her first baby during her pregnancy announcement video, but her sister, Joy-Anna Forsyth, has given fans a clue when they can expect baby Vuolo to arrive.

Just hours after the “Counting On” star revealed she is expecting with husband Jeremy Vuolo, Joy-Anna, who is also pregnant, congratulated her sibling on her pregnancy and revealed when Jinger is due.

“I’m excited because it’s only going to be six months younger than mine. That’s so cool,” Joy said in a video posted to the Duggar family’s YouTube page while cradling her own bump.

With Joy confirmed to be due with her first baby in early March, that means Jinger is newly pregnant and still in her first trimester. If Joy’s comments are correct, that would also mean that Jinger and Jeremy’s first baby will arrive in early fall 2018.

While Joy shared the most vital information, she wasn’t the only Duggar family member to talk about Jinger and Jeremy’s baby in the video.

“I’m glad ya’ll are having a kid. I’m glad we’re having one too first that way we can pick a name and ya’ll don’t steal it,” Joy’s husband, Austin Forsyth, quipped. “We’re so excited for ya’ll. It’s pretty cool that our kids are going to have cousins to play with their age.”

As for gender, Joy’s sister Jessa Seewald said she’s betting on another boy. “There are so many little boy cousins right now,” Jessa said. “If it is all boys we can just keep it simple, we can share the clothes, pass it around, it’ll be great.”

Of course, Jinger’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, also shared their excitement about welcoming their twelfth grandchild. “We cannot wait until this little one comes,” Michelle said in the clip.