He will be the next King of England and has officially been named as his mother’s heir. However, as it becomes clearer that a large portion of the British public would actually prefer that Prince Charles pass the throne to his son, Prince William, some comments by royal experts on the possibility he would abdicate are being reexamined.

According to Express UK, a new survey by BMG Research revealed that 46 percent of Britons want Prince Charles to immediately abdicate the throne after he gets it so that Prince William could take over instead, while an additional 27 percent also showed “strong support” for the Queen passing the crown directly to the second-in-line instead.

Since Queen Elizabeth already officially named her son as her heir, the chances of William being named King directly after her reign comes to an end is not set to happen. However, the idea of Charles abdicating has been raised before, specifically in the 2015 documentary “The Madness of Prince Charles.”

“I think it’s very difficult that he has to be the King-in-waiting for so long,” former Royal Navy shipmate Paul Henke said in the film. “On the other hand, we’re all living longer, the Queen’s going to live a lot longer. Hopefully, Prince Charles comes to the throne and he’s going to live a long time. The worst thing that could happen is for his son [Prince William] to come to the throne too young.”

Royal biographer Penny Junor also spoke in the film, stating that she felt it was likely Charles would become King and stay in the role until his own death, meaning abdication was not even being considered.

“I certainly don’t think he’s preparing to hand over to William or to abdicate himself. I think he will become King,” she wrote.

However, even if Prince Charles did want to abdicate, in the 2018 book, “Charles, Prince of Wales,” it was also noted that Prince William may not be interested in taking on the top job before his turn.

“Prince William does not wish to take the throne early,” author Gill Knappett wrote. “Although, like his father, William will be destined to have a far shorter reign than his grandmother, he has no desire to ‘climb the ladder of kingship’ before his time.”

Prior to the recent survey, it was falsely reported that Queen Elizabeth was actually passing over her son in order to make William King, and was even telling Charles to banish himself to outside the UK as a result.

However, even if Queen Elizabeth wanted to overthrow protocol and appoint Prince William as her heir, she is unable to due to the guidelines set out in both the Settlement Act of 1701 and the Bill of rights of 1689.