Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles returned to London on Wednesday following a 12-day tour of the Caribbean. Pictured: Prince Charles, Camilla sign the book of honour during a visit to NRP Sagres, a school ship of the Portuguese Navy, at the Naval School in Alfeite, Almada, on March 28, 2011. Getty Images/Jose Sena Goulao/AFP

Prince Charles recently made a cheeky joke while in Cuba with his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The future King agreed to operate a small hand mill which crushed the sugar cane to make juice but he realized that it was a hard thing to do. While laughing, Prince Charles joked about having to crush a long piece of sugar cane.

But the Duke of Cornwall’s efforts paid off since he was able to produce around half a pint of sugary liquid. Prince Charles could not help but ask those around him if it was okay to mix rum with sugar cane.

“I’ve come to a rum do,” he joked.

Before leaving Cuba, Prince Charles and Camilla also received a lesson on how to make a mojito from bar and restaurant owner Diana Figueroa.

“Am I doing it the right way? It gets up my nose… Aren’t you all envious?” Prince Charles asked the media.

Prince Charles then handed Camilla a glass of mojito, which she seemed to enjoy. However, the same thing cannot be said about Cuban food because the Duchess of Cornwall said that she’s not very sure about it.

After their training, Figueroa said that both Prince Charles and Camilla were very good students because they did everything that they were told. The royal couple also managed to muddle the mint very well.

“They said they have not tried mojito since they had been in Cuba. The Duchess said it was a really refreshing drink… The mint and the lime were a really good mix,” the restaurant owner said.

Prince Charles and Camilla were in the Caribbean for the past 12 days for a series of royal engagements. The couple returned to London on Wednesday, and they are expected to make joint and separate appearances in the coming days in line with their royal duties.

The Prince of Wales’ next royal engagement is scheduled for April 3.