President Donald Trump invited a man dressed like the proposed border wall up on stage during his rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, on Monday.

The POTUS was in the state campaigning for Republican candidate Fred Keller ahead of Tuesday’s special election. The latter was going up against Democrat Marc Friedenberg for Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District seat as a replacement for Rep. Tom Marino, who resigned from Congress in January to work in private sector.

While championing his party’s candidate and criticizing Friedenberg, Trump said the Democrat wanted to “open your borders” even as “we're fighting like hell with the worst laws to get those borders closed.” During the rally, the president vowed to build 500 miles of wall by the end of next year, as the crowd started chanting “build the wall.” That was when Trump spotted a man wearing a wall-patterned suit and a “Make America Great Again” cap, holding a sign that read “build me.” He was later identified as Blake Marnell from San Diego, California.

"Look at that," Trump said pointing to the crowd. "Can you get him up here? Get him up here, c'mon. Look at this guy!"

Marnell walked to the stage with a big smile on his face and shook the president’s hand. He also got the opportunity to exchange a few words with Trump before heading back down and rejoining the crowd. "Now we know who he's voting for," Trump continued, as the man walked back. "Thank you very much."

The brick-printed suit sparked some hilarious reactions on Twitter:

The unique suit, called “Off The Wall Suit,” can be bought on an online shopping site called Funidelia for $79.99. Its description on the site read, “Be camouflaged around town with this off the wall suit. This original suit includes a jacket, trousers and a tie with a brick wall printed on it.”

According to the site, there were only a few units of the suit remaining.

Afterward, Trump continued with his pro-wall speech. "Our country is full," Trump said. "We don't want people coming up here. We want Mexico to stop, we want all of them to stop. Our country is packed to the gills, we don't want them coming up.”

Apart from that, he also weighed in on 2020 Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“And don't forget: Biden deserted you," Trump said at the end of his speech. "He's not from Pennsylvania. I guess he was born here, but he left you folks. He left you for another state. Remember that, please. I meant to say that. This guy talks about, 'Oh, I know Scranton.' Well, I know the places better. He left you for another state, and he didn't take care of you, because he didn't take care of your jobs. He let other countries come in and rip off America. That doesn't happen anymore."

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump speaks about a state of emergency from the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C., Feb. 15, 2019. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images