International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge announced on Wednesday that Pyeongchang would host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

I had to cry when I heard, said Koh Seung-hee, standing in the lobby of a luxury hotel in Pyeongchang, a hilly district three hours from Seoul known as South Korea's winter wonderland.

We have been waiting so long, she said.

Twice a runner-up, Pyeongchang finally topped the race to host the Winter Olympics after nearly a decade of failed attempts.

So where is Pyeongchang exactly?

Well, Pyeongchang is a county located in Gangwon province approximately 112 miles (180km) east of the capital Seoul. It is located in the Taebaek Mountains region and is the most popular winter sports destination in the country. Sports aside, the region is also home to a number of famous Buddhist temples.

Here's a quick photo tour of Pyeongchang, the location of the 2018 Winter Olympics: