A white woman accused a Black man of stealing her cellphone at a mall in California, only to find it inside her own handbag moments later. The unidentified woman refused to call her number, accusing the man of putting the "missing" phone on silent mode after "stealing" it.

The incident happened at a Spencer's store in Sunrise Mall outside Sacramento, New York Post reported.

A TikTok user with the handle fuxktdub shared the video of the incident Monday. The footage has since gone viral. The video, which was captioned "Karen really pulled this at Spencer's. Racism alive and well," has fetched more than 2.3 million views.

In the video, a white woman could be seen casually searching her handbag, while a female voice in the background asks a Spencer's employee, "Can you call it, because she won't let us call it?" The voice appears to be of a woman accompanying the Black man.

When the staff asks the white woman for her phone number, she begins to give her number by saying, "9-1-6." But she suddenly stops and says, "Well, he could've turned off the ringer."

Shocked by her claims, the woman who was with the Black man asks, "Oh My God. What, do you want him to get f---ing naked, lady?" She can be heard replying, "I really need my phone back."

The man then empties his pockets and says, "I did not take it." But the woman keeps accusing him. "I just stuck it right here, you walked right behind me and you took it," she tells him.

The staff then gave her a phone and the woman finally dialed her number from it. Moments later, she found her cellphone in her handbag. The woman then said, "I am sorry. I apologize."

Many viewers expressed their shock after the video was shared on TikTok. Some users noted that the woman already knew the phone was in her bag when she accused the man of stealing it.

"She didn't wanna call her phone because she saw it in her bag and knew you were recording," a viewer commented.

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