"Illegal" Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston was nicknamed "Illegal" when she was young, Pastor Marvin Winans revealed Monday. REUTERS

Autopsy results from the coroner's office on Thursday have revealed that Whitney Houston died from drowning in a hotel bathtub. It was also reported that she had taken cocaine which may have brought on a heart attack causing her death.

Speculation was rife that the cause of her death may have been a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol. The Grammy-winning singer had a troubled past with drugs and it was her love for cocaine that did it.

Normally, when the autopsy results of a celebrity are not released officially there seem to be clouds of doubts lingering around, sparking speculation on what could have happened. But when Houston died on Feb. 11 (on the eve of the Grammy Awards), most observers were almost immediately confident that she died from drug abuse.

Virtually all media outlets reported what the facts indicated and once the toxicology tests were out, they matched exactly with what was expected about her tragic death. Anyone who has followed Houston's life a little closely would wonder how she could just lose control again.

According to reports, traces of cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril and Benadryl were all present in Whitney's system and the coroner's report says that it was cocaine that was responsible for the drowning and the malfunctioning of the heart.

Houston had admitted herself that she used to party hard at times. The legendary singer's voice too had been adversely affected by drug abuse and damaged her relationships.

But then as Mack Rawden from cinemablend.com points out, wasn't it just last year that Houston seemed to be gaining control of her life? She was recovering and there wasn't any news of her dealing with alcohol or drug issues from May 2011 onwards.

When there were reports of her getting better, a lot of us did believe that she was recovering. It all seemed to be going great and she seemed to be staying away from drugs. So it came as a shock that the singer had cocaine in her system.

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