"Whitney," starring Yaya DaCosta as the late singer Whitney Houston, premiered on Lifetime Saturday. Reuters

Lifetime debuted its biopic, “Whitney,” Saturday, profiling R&B legend Whitney Houston's career and relationship with her musician-husband Bobby Brown. Despite some controversy over disapproval of the TV-film from Houston's family, fans were excited to learn about their favorite singer’s life behind the scenes.

The biopic was directed by actress Angela Bassett, who knew Houston personally and starred as another tortured singer, Tina Turner, in 1993’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” Actress Yaya DaCosta, 32, played Houston while Arlen Escarpeta, 33, portrayed Bobby Brown. Yolanda Ross also starred as Houston’s friend Robyn and Suzzanne Douglas as Houston’s mother, Cissy.

Check out the 21 things we learned about Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown from Lifetime's "Whitney" biopic: (Note these are observations from the movie and not biographical facts.)

1. Whitney met Bobby Brown at the 1989 Soul Train Music Awards after she bumped into him in the audience. Impressed with his performance later in the show she approached him and he ended up asking her out before her own performance.

2. The couple next saw each other when she invited him to her 26th birthday party where they bonded over Gospel music and Irene Cara.

3. Before she even met Bobby, Whitney was regularly doing cocaine.

4. Whitney had been seeing actor and comedian Eddie Murphy before she started dating Bobby.

5. Bobby Brown got jealous after Eddie Murphy flirted with Whitney Houston via a video message at a ceremony for a humanitarian award she had been given.

6. When Whitney declined Brown's suggestion the two move in together just weeks into their relationship, he got angry.

7. Whitney confessed while arguing with Bobby she had a hard time growing up because her mother put her into Catholic school where she made only one friend -- Robyn.

8. Bobby was still seeing Kim Ward, the mother of his children, when he first started seeing Whitney.

9. When Whitney accepted a marriage proposal from Bobby her mother Cissy disapproved of the decision, saying he was too much a product of the projects and not good enough for her.

10. Bobby did not help things when he confessed Kim Ward was pregnant with his child. Whitney, however, forgave him and went ahead with the wedding.

11. Whitney had a miscarriage while working on the movie “The Bodyguard.”

12. After the miscarriage, Bobby put his album and tour on hold to take care of Whitney.

13. With “I Will Always Love You” on top of the charts, Clive Davis pressured Whitney Houston to tour after her first child was born, going as far as to meet with Bobby Brown to ask him to help convince her.

14. While traveling together for Whitney’s tour, the couple started doing cocaine together more often.

15. While touring, Whitney invited Bobby on stage to perform a song they wrote for his new album.

16. Frustrated with the amount of attention Whitney received on tour, Bobby decided to return to the studio to work on his album. Whitney was angry he broke his promise.

17. While away from Whitney, Bobby began hanging out with his old friends from the projects and sleeping around. When Whitney came home to surprise him she caught him with another woman.

18. Bobby was present when one of his old friends, Steve, was shot and killed outside a club by a man with whom they had argued.

19. Bobby checked into rehab after an incident where confessions he made about Whitney’s drug use were leaked and made public by the tabloids.

20. Whitney Houston, still doing drugs herself, decided to give Bobby Brown another chance to make the marriage work.

21. The end credits revealed that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown divorced in 2006.

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