Meryl Davis and Charlie White
Olympic skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Reuters

Charlie White and Meryl Davis’ names might be synonymous, but Davis isn’t the only woman in his life. When he and his Olympic partner joined “Dancing With the Stars” for Season 18, some were disheartened to find out the two weren’t a pair off the ice. That’s because the 26-year-old is in a five-year relationship with Tanith Belbin, a fact the Olympic gold medalist publicly stated on the second episode of “DWTS.”

Even though people constantly gossip about whether or not White and his ice partner are actually an item, Belbin doesn’t worry. White explained that she too has a history of being a former ice partner.

"She gets it," he told People magazine on Monday. "She won the silver medal in 2006 with her partner Ben Agosto, and people were always like, 'Are you guys dating?' It's just something you get as dancers. [Her understanding] makes my life so much easier."

White also expected people to think he and Davis might be a couple since they never directly discussed the nature of their relationship during the 2014 Olympics in Russia. "It's tough because we always presented ourselves as a package and we didn't really talk much about our personal lives because we just didn't care to," he explained.

In fact, they practically wanted others to assume they were an item. "And I think people were hopeful [that we were a couple] because on the ice we were able to portray people who are in relationships, and then people want to believe. We take it as a compliment."

Belbin has apparently been there to cheer on her boyfriend as he competes on “DWTS.” She's impressed, I think," White the news site. "She knows where I'm starting from. Each week, she's seen just how much work goes into getting the frame and getting the steps and she's just been the most supportive. It means the world to me."

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