Recently, Marc Anthony, salsa singer and ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez, has been seen out around California with a new woman around his arm, the 21-year-old heiress Chloe Green. But just who is this mystery woman, and why is she dating Anthony?

For starters, Chloe Green is an heiress. Her father is British-born businessman Sir Philip Green, who has been involved with British Home Stores, Topshop and The Arcadia Group. According to the Daily Telegraph, Green is worth roughly 3.3 billion pounds ($5 billion).

Exactly how rich is that? For starters, Green and his family (including Chloe) own a residence in Monaco, the tiny principality  that seemingly exists only to satisfy the needs and whims of uber-wealthy bluebloods. So the first thing we can surmise from this is that despite her young age, Chloe Green is most definitely not looking for a sugar daddy in Marc Anthony.

Secondly, we know that Chloe is no stranger to the limelight herself, so dating a famous singer might be perfect for her. In 2011, she appeared as a slightly fictionalized version of herself in the British reality show “Made in Chelsea,” which focuses on the (of course) posh and rich young socialites in the trendy Chelsea neighborhood of London. At the time she appeared, Chloe was dating Ollie Locke, son of BBC radio presenter Sarah Locke and VIP host at the exclusive club Whiskey Mist.

So what’s the deal with Chloe Green and Marc Anthony? Even though Anthony, 44, only recently announced his split from previous girlfriend, model Shannon De Lima, at the end of last month, Anthony and Chloe appear to be extremely close. According to Us Weekly, the couple was spotted at Disneyland along with Anthony’s children. They were photographed holding hands and appeared extremely intimate throughout the day.

One thing in particular points out that this was likely not the couple’s first outing together: No one in their right mind would bring their kids along on a first date. It doesn’t appear to be the first time Chloe has met Anthony’s kids, either. At one point, Emmie was seen riding a roller coaster on her lap.