Who is Dequan? That’s what many people were wondering Monday afternoon after “Dequan” and “These Dequan” became some of the top trending topics on Twitter.

Bad news for those who were expecting Dequan to be a real person: Apparently he isn’t.

Dequan seems to be a fabricated character, some Twitter users explained. 

In many posts, stereotypical puns are associated with the character, which some find funny but others find offensive. There is normally a picture associated with the 140-character tweet, sometimes of an African-American person and sometimes of someone white.

It’s not clear how the trend started. It could be that someone made a comment with Dequan’s name and others just followed. But rather than speculating on how the fad started, more people seem to be perpetuating it and posting more tweets with Dequan’s name.

So as not to offend anyone, this article won't provide tweets with the trending topic “Dequan,” but for those who are interested in the Twitter phenom du jour, a simple search there will reveal hundreds of results.

Some have said the “Dequan” messages are “so stupid they’re funny,” and others said they are just plain stupid.

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