Twitter was set aflutter Thursday when "Perfectly Imperfect" singer Elle Varner wrote an Instagram post about how girls should dress for school. She reacted to a sign posted anonymously online that said boys should be taught not to be distracted by female students, instead of sending the students home to change their clothes if they were wearing something “inappropriate.”

The sign reads: "When you interrupt a girl’s school day to force her to change clothes, or send her home because her shorts are too short or her bra straps are visible, you are telling her that making sure boys have a ‘distraction free’ learning environment is more important than her education. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects." 

Varner, 27, said it was the “most ridiculous thing” she had seen in a long time. “We have grown women out here promoting ‘slut’ culture and validating their personal choices and actions,” she said. “If you want to be loose or provocative then be that! But do you really need to encourage young, innocent impressionable girls to wear shorter shots and show their bra straps in school?”

Varner then said it comes down to “human nature” and “each gender was born with body parts arguably made for procreation and exchanging pleasures.”

She finished her lengthy post by saying young women should dress conservatively. “Does it really hurt to encourage them to dress for success, focus on their free education, and preserve their innocence a little while longer?”

The singer continued the discussion on her Twitter page, where she addressed her naysayers. “Well folks ... I tried to say something positive for my young Queens out there and it got taken in all different contexts,” she said.


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