For those who don’t like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is looking more like a potential alternative. That means his fiancé, Kate Prusack, is in the running to be First Lady of the United States. We’ve shared some fast facts about Prusack to get readers acquainted with Johnson's future wife.

1. Prusack works as a real estate agent. She graduated from Goddard College in Vermont in 1976. She has a bachelor's degree in photography. She has been in real estate since 1990 and regularly updates her YouTube page with listings in Santa Fe.

2. Even though they’re engaged, Prusack is referred to as Johnson’s “life partner” on his website. They have been engaged since 2009. Johnson proposed to her in a ski lift at the Taos Ski Valley Resort in New Mexico. They met the year before during a bike race.

3. They haven’t gotten married yet because Prusack is too busy traveling. When asked why they hadn’t tied the knot by the Daily Caller in 2011, he said,  “My fiance’s always on the road.” She added in a statement,  she would “love to get married somewhere special, we just can’t find the time.”

4. When talking about Johnson’s frugality to GQ Magazine in 2011, she said, “Yes, he shops at Costco, but he drives a Porsche.” 

5. She likes the outdoors. Johnson reportedly knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Prusack after a trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro. She likes to bike, hike and ski.

6. Prusack definitely has Johnson’s heart. When he won the 2016 Libertarian nomination he told CBS News, “I have the cutest 63-year-old girlfriend that has ever walked the planet!”

7. She isn’t his first love. Before Prusack, Johnson was married to Dee Simms. They divorced in 2005 and it wasn’t amicable. “My heart is broken with what Gary’s done to me, but I’m a survivor and I’ll make it through this,” she told the Albuquerque Journal at the time.

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