Greer Grammer
Miss Golden Globe 2015, Greer Grammer, at the announcement of nominations for the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California, Dec. 11, 2014. Reuters

Meet Miss Golden Globe 2015, actress Greer Grammer. She will be handing out the awards to this year's winners on behalf of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Ahead of the 72nd annual Golden Globes ceremony Sunday, get to know the 22-year-old stunner.

Here are five fast facts about 2015’s Miss Golden Globe, Greer Grammer:

She has a famous dad

Like many Miss Golden Globe winners before her, Greer is the daughter of a celebrity. "Fraser" sitcom star Kelsey Grammer, 59, a past Golden Globe winner himself, welcomed Greer in February 1992. Her mother is makeup artist Barrie Buckner.

She has a big family

Kelsey Grammer has had multiple marriages throughout his decades-long career and has fathered many offspring. Greer is the second oldest child in the actor’s brood. Her half-sister, Spencer, 31, was born from Kelsey’s first wife, actress Doreen Alderman. TV viewers may recognize her from the defunct ABC Family series “Greek.” Greer has another half-sister, Mason, 13, and half-brother, Jude, 10. The younger Grammers call Camille Grammer, former star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," mom. In the past two years, Greer has gained two new half-siblings following her father’s marriage to flight attendant Kayte Walsh. In 2011, her half-sister Faith Evangeline was born. Last year, Kelsey and Kaye welcomed their son Kelsey Gabriel.

She has a solid acting career

Just like her half-sister Spencer, Greer has also made her mark on Hollywood. In 2011, she began her role of Lissa on MTV’s original scripted series “Awkward.” While her character -- a Christian high school student -- is not a lead on the show, the program does have an impressive fan base. The fifth and final season of the program begins on the network later this year.

Greer recently made the jump into movies. In 2014, she starred in two feature films, both of which were released in November. In “Life Partners,” she starred alongside Leighton Meester and Gabourey Sidibe. In the family-romance flick “An Evergreen Christmas,” she counted “Big” actor Robert Loggia and singer-actress Naomi Judd as her co-stars.

What's next for Miss Golden Globe 2015? According to Greer's 2013 interview with Teen Vogue, she wants to pursue a career in directing and hopefully, one day, write a hit sitcom.

She is a smart cookie

Not only is she slowly but surely making a name for herself in Hollywood, Greer is also a college graduate. In a 2012 interview with, Greer revealed that she was studying theater at the University of Southern California. She also dished about her USC sorority, Kappa Kappa Gama, and her love for Greek life. "Some people laugh because they don’t understand it, but they truly are my family," Greer said. "College would definitely not be the same without my Greek life affiliation."

She’s big on social media

Greer is a big hit on TV and on social media. She currently she has more than 76,000 followers on Twitter. On Instagram, she has just over 93,000 fans. Her Facebook fan page also has an impressive amount of followers with 29,217 “likes.”

The 2015 Golden Globes airs Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.