Fox News anchor Heather Nauert is in talks with the Donald Trump administration for position of the State Department spokeswoman, Politico reported Thursday, citing sources. If appointed, Nauert will be the latest among the several media personalities that have joined the Trump administration.

Last week, Nauert was reportedly seen at the White House talking to Trump. Her appointment is likely to be confirmed after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s approval, Politico reported.

Fox News, the White House and the State Department did not comment on the issue, the report added.

Nauert has been with Fox News since 1998, but worked at ABC News for two years from 2005 to 2007. The 47-year-old rejoined Fox in 2007 and has since been anchoring the network’s morning show "Fox & Friends," which has received praised from Trump.

"I have to say, ‘Fox & Friends’ in the morning, they're very honorable people," Trump said at a press conference Thursday. "They're very -- not because they're good, because they hit me also when I do something wrong. But they have the most honest morning show. That's all I can say. It's the most honest."

In December, Fox News alumna Monica Crowley left the television network to join as senior director of strategic communications in the Trump administration. However, the following month, she announced she was withdrawing from the job in the face of plagiarism accusations.

Trump’s team also has Steve Bannon — former executive chair of Breibart News — as the chief strategist and Sebastian Gorka, a former national security editor at the right-wing news website, serves as a deputy assistant to Trump.

Last Friday, the Daily News reported that the ex-Navy SEAL Carl Higbie was in contact with White House officials over a potential position in Trump’s administration.

“I’ve offered my services to the administration in whatever capacity they could use me,” Higbie told the Daily News. He did not elaborate on his statement but said that he was “obviously a little busy.”