A Dallas prosecutor was fired late Monday after an Uber driver alleged that she threatened to accuse him of kidnapping her. The incident took place Friday when Shaun Platt drove Jody Warner, a Dallas County Assistant District Attorney, from a pub in Old East Dallas, according to local media reports.

District Attorney Faith Johnson announced Monday that the 32-year-old prosecutor was terminated from her position in the office’s crime against children unit.

"After careful consideration and a thorough investigation, I have decided to terminate Ms. Warner," Johnson said in a statement, according to the New York Post. "Although criminal charges have not been filed, her behavior is contrary to this office’s core principle of integrity, and it will not be tolerated."

"As public servants, we represent the people of Dallas County and are examples of justice, professionalism, and ethical behavior both inside and outside of the courtroom. I will not waiver on my expectation of the highest integrity for myself or my staff."

Platt alleged that the drunken woman hit him, insulted him and accused him of kidnapping her while he gave her a ride. The 26-year-old driver told the Dallas Morning News that an argument had sparked between him and Warner when she told Platt to change his GPS-directed route and he got lost.

"I said, 'Should I make a left up here?' and she refused to answer me," Platt said. "She said, 'you can follow the [expletive] GPS' and she became increasingly angry, even though I was just trying to get her home."

Platt told the local newspaper that Warner, who appeared intoxicated, began hitting him on his shoulder and warned him that she was a district attorney.

Platt said that he was furious after being berated by the prosecutor and ended the ride on the Uber app, following which Warner threatened him that he was "never going to work again and told him she 'knows people.'"

"Who are they going to believe? I'm a district attorney," the ride-sharing driver quoted Warner as saying.

After ending the ride, Platt called 911 to summon police and turned on the recording device.

"Oh, my God, you're going to regret this so much," Warner, who had been working in the district attorney’s office for six years, says in the audio recording obtained by the Morning News. She is also heard calling the driver "a f------- idiot," "a legitimate retard" and "stupid."

"I want to go home so badly but you’re so stupid I want the cops to come so that they can f--- you up, that’s what I want," Warner tells Platt.

While waiting for police, Warner accused the driver of keeping her in the car against her will.

"You’re kidnapping me," she said. "You’re committing a third- to first-degree felony. So do you want to take me home or do you want to stay here? We can hang out. I’m not scared. It’s cool. I was trying to be nice to you."

According to her LinkedIn page, Warner studied law at the Texas Tech University School of Law and joined the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office in February 2011. 

Criminal defense attorney Pete Schulte defended Warner in a Twitter post.