Johnny Bananas MTV
Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio attends The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience at Exceed Physical Culture on July 17, 2017 in New York City. Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

The premiere of MTV’s “The Challenge: Final Reckoning” left fans with several questions about what’s to come in the show’s 32nd season. Perhaps the most glaring question revolved around the winningest contestant in “Challenge” history.

Who will be Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio’s partner on his quest to win half of the $1 million grand prize? The answer remains a mystery after Tuesday’s hour-long episode.

Bananas was among the 29 contestants that appeared in the premiere. Twenty-eight of the castmates were split into teams of two, leaving the six-time “Challenge” champion without a partner.

Each player was paired up with a person with whom they’ve developed some bad blood while appearing on “The Challenge” or another reality-TV series. Bananas has created a trail of rivals along the road toward winning six titles in his 16 seasons, leaving plenty of possibilities for his partner on “Final Reckoning.”

“I have absolutely no idea who is gonna show up,” Bananas said. “Just a couple names: Tony (Raines), KellyAnne (Judd), Devin (Walker), Sarah’s (Patterson) a big one, Evelyn (Smith), Cory (Wharton), Hunter (Barfield). I wouldn’t be surprised if (host) T.J. Lavin is my vendetta at this point.”

A few of those names stand out, especially when examining the theme of “Final Reckoning.” The season has been presented as the conclusion of a trilogy that includes “XXX: Dirty 30” and “Vendettas.”

That could mean Bananas’ partner will be a player that became his rival in one of the last two seasons. Tony, Hunter, Cory and especially Devin, who eliminated Bananas on “Vendettas,” would be the candidates in that case.

The short promo that followed Tuesday’s episode, however, indicated that most of those options can be crossed off the list.

The preview for what’s to come on “Final Reckoning” explained that mercenaries—“Challenge” veterans not part of the current season’s cast—will be brought on to compete in eliminations. The promo suggests that Hunter, Ashley (Mitchell), Cory and Devin will be among those mercenaries.

Perhaps Bananas should expect Tony to be revealed as his partner. It was Tony, after all, who turned on Bananas on “Vendettas” and sent him into elimination.

Tony was a noticeable absence in the first episode. Since making his “Challenge” debut on “Battle of the Bloodlines,” he’s appeared in five straight seasons. He was even on the latest season of “Champs vs. Stars,” which includes “Challenge” veterans and other celebrities.

Despite their differences, Bananas and Tony would have to be considered the favorite to win “Final Reckoning.” After making the final challenge on “Vendettas,” Tony and Chris “CT” Tamburello were the winners of “Champs vs. Stars.” CT and Veronica Portillo make up the only current “Final Reckoning” team that features two past champions.

MTV likely has something big in store since they decided not to reveal Bananas’ partner in the first episode. Does Tony warrant that kind of anticipation?

A team of Bananas and Tony would be interesting, but nothing would be on the same level as a Bananas-Sarah pairing. That’s the kind of twist that would deserve this type of build up.

A former “Challenge” mainstay, Sarah hasn’t appeared on the show since she won “Rivals III” in 2016 while teaming with Bananas. With the choice to split the $275,000 first-place prize or keep all the money himself, Bananas decided to leave his partner with nothing.

It wasn’t just the dirtiest move ever pulled on the show—it’s a moment that ranks among the most shocking in recent reality-TV history. It brought more attention to the show than any other finale, and Bananas cemented his spot as the “Challenge” GOAT.

Maybe the show’s producers went with Tony because of his actions last season. Maybe it will be someone Bananas didn’t mention. Or maybe the show's biggest star will be forced to reunite with Sarah as he searches for his first championship since preventing her from winning nearly $140,000.

It’s all the more reason to watch “The Challenge: Final Reckoning,” which airs Tuesdays on MTV at 9 p.m. EDT.