Lifetime is officially putting an end to their “Fear the Cheer,” event with the final newest premiere, “Who is Killing the Cheerleaders?” starring Ella Cannon.

Cannon may be a face some Lifetime movie fans will recognize, as she played Mary McCormack in the 2017 film “The Lost Wife of Robert Durst,” but others may recognize her from her time as Rachel Greenblatt in the series “iZombie.” This is her first time leading a film on Lifetime, however.

So what will happen in this movie, the last of a series of films devoted to cheerleaders, suspense and horror? According to a synopsis, Cannon’s character will be revisiting her dark past as it comes back to haunt her once more.

“Ellie (Cannon) a former cheerleader, returns to her high school as a teacher ten years after she was nearly killed in a series of brutal slayings on the squad,” the synopsis reads.

However, not long after her return, the past comes back, as the newest crop of cheerleaders at the school also falls prey to some attacks—potentially even from the same person who committed the first round. Now, with more young girls dying, Ellie will find herself acting to try and figure out the person responsible—even if she is the target they seek.

“When the attacks start up again shortly after her arrival, she must find the killer before they get to her first,” the synopsis says.

Will Ellie figure out who has a grudge against cheerleaders?

The film, produced by Reel One Entertainment, airs Sunday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

Who is killing the cheerleaders? Ella Cannon stars in “Who Is Killing the Cheerleaders?” Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime