Lifetime is continuing to make sure that the scares are brought to their viewers with their continued “Fear the Cheer” event, featuring the debut of their newest film, “Cheerleader Abduction,” starring Jerni Stewart and Kristen Harris.

The film, the fourth new premiere the network is putting out as part of the thriller event, tackles tropes about teen pregnancy and the lengths gone to in order to cover them up—and just how wrong those attempts can sometimes go. In this case, a daughter puts herself in danger, and her mother will have to help her out. Lifetime fans may recognize both actresses filling the roles in this film, with Stewart previously starring as Sandy in the 2019 film “I Am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story.” She also starred as Lisa Mitchell on the television series “Burden of Truth.”

Harris, meanwhile, might be more recognizable for her bevy of other roles, which include big-screen movies and TV spots. In recent years, she has portrayed Kay Quinn in the film ‘Breakthrough,” Kathryn in “Sorry For Your Loss,” and Sarena in “GONE: My Daughter.” She has also been a familiar presence on Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas circuit, with roles in the films “One Winter Weekend,” “Christmas Connection” and “A Dream of Christmas.”

However, this film won’t be a happy little Christmas story, with the synopsis teasing just how much danger the mother-daughter duo could find themselves in.

“Olivia (Stewart) has always been the golden girl with model good looks, a 4.0 GPA, and the captain spot on her high school cheerleading squad,” the synopsis reads. “When she finds out that she is pregnant, Olivia decides she has to hide her pregnancy at all costs to save her reputation and avoid ruining her mother Trish’s (Harris) gubernatorial campaign.”

Unfortunately, the people Olivia turns to for help won’t give her the assistance she needs, forcing her mother to get involved after all.

“An underground adoption ring seems to offer the help that she needs, but when Olivia goes missing, Trish must drop everything to find her daughter and grandchild before it’s too late,” the synopsis states.

“Cheerleader Abduction” airs Sunday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

Cheerleader Abduction Jerni Stewart stars in “Cheerleader Abduction” on Lifetime.  Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime