One New York comedian isn’t letting her harrowing situation dampen her spirit.

Liza Dye found herself in a frightening situation around 10 a.m. on Feb. 13 when she slipped onto the tracks at a subway station in SoHo. She had been texting and lost her footing on a wet platform, landing on the tracks just as a train was entering the station, reports the New York Post. But thanks to quick-thinking workers, electrical power to the track was cut off. The 25-year-old was pinned under the train but she was not hit by its wheels.

A well-known comedian on Vine, the mobile app owned by Twitter, and a performer with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Dye has been at Bellevue Hospital since Thursday. Though her mother, Geraldine Dye, says her daughter has no health insurance and could possibly lose her leg, she is inspired that Liz is keeping a positive attitude through the situation.

“Knowing Liza, she’ll probably do stand-up in her bed. I can visualize it. That’s her spirit,” the proud mom said. “I’m crying my eyes out and she’s cracking jokes.”

Liza has even taken to her social-media accounts to share a few humorous takes on her current predicament. She posted a Vine video of herself in her hospital bed pressing the button no her morphine pump as she whispers, “Blast Off!” She also posted a photo to her Twitter account, showing herself giving a thumbs-up sign from her hospital bed. That photo was captioned “i'm alive.”

Liza is originally from South Carolina but moved to New York to pursue her comic aspirations. She was scheduled to perform on Valentine’s Day at The Stand in NYC. And though she’s currently in a neck brace and facing serious leg injuries, the fearless comic has clearly decided the show must go on – continuing to share her gift of laughter as she recovers.