Markiya Mitchell, 25, was put into custody for alleged intentions to harm infant son. Democrat & Chronicle

A New York woman was accused Monday of intentionally drowning her infant son in a bathtub in her Rochester apartment. Markiya Mitchell, 25, faced charges of second-degree murder for allegedly killing her 10-day-old son Jeremiah Mitchell, according to Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli.

Kiko Pero, Police Investigator at the Rochester Police Department, filed a felony complaint against Mitchell Monday, saying she intentionally placed her son in eight to 10 inches of bath water and left him submerged for one to two hours.

"The defendant by these actions intentionally caused the death of her infant son," the complaint read. "This felony complaint is based upon the personal investigation conducted by your complainant and other members of the Rochester Police Department."

Police responded to a call concerning an unresponsive child Monday and arrived at Mitchell's residence around 2:30 p.m. The 10-day-old remained unresponsive upon arrival of police, and officers were told the infant was discovered that way. The infant was then transported to Rochester General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Mitchell was taken into custody and questioned by investigators at the Public Safety Building, roughly two miles away from her Rochester residence.

Mitchell admitted to intentionally causing the death of her son, Ciminelli said in a press release. The 25-year-old is also the mother of another child. The 7-year-old, however, is currently in the care of another family member.

Mitchell appeared in a court hearing Tuesday morning and pleaded not guilty. Court has since been adjourned but was set to resume for a preliminary hearing Friday morning.