Mary Helen Bowers has been sharing lovely images of her baby belly on her Instagram account and Ballet Beautiful site. Instagram/Ballet Beautiful

A New York City ballet instructor is sharing her passion for dance with her bundle of joy -- even before the child has made her big debut.

Mary Helen Bowers, 34, credits her own pregnant ballet training while as the inspiration behind her own ballet-based pre-natal Ballet Beautiful workout. Bowers says the routine has helped her maintain body strength and some of her pregnancy's less-pleasant side effects.

“By continuing to work out and dance while pregnant, I feel a double reward from maintaining my normal routine, but all the while knowing that baby is sharing in my day,” the dancer wrote in a post on “I’ve avoided back pain and swelling by keeping my core strong and body moving. I feel terrific and plan to work and workout until the end.”

Bowers, who has trained Victoria’s Secret Angels as well as Natalie Portman for her role in “Black Swan,” is taking additional steps to make sure she protects her child while exercising pregnant -- precautions her doctors agrees with.

“[My doctor] is incredibly supportive of me not only continuing with my workout, but also with maintaining my regular routine: running my business, creating a new pre-natal series for BB, the works! Pregnancy can be a really exciting and creative time!” Bowers explained.

And Bowers encourages all mothers-to-be to welcome the changes their bodies are experiencing. "My approach has been to embrace the bump and my ever-changing physique," she added. "Rather than fighting the changes in my body, I’m celebrating them and I love seeing other women do the same."