The other woman in the love saga that was Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is once again speaking out about her part in destroying the lovebirds' relationship.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, 22-year-old Milyn Jensen said she was surprised to hear her alleged hookup with the Biebs led to his breakup with Selena Gomez last year, reports The Daily Mail.

"I was absolutely shocked when I read he had split up with Selena over what we did. I hate being the girl that broke them up," she said.

Though she is best known for coming between the former adorableness that was Justin and Selena -- no disgustingly sweet hybrid name was ever made for the pair -- we've gathered five more facts that you might not know about Bieber's one-time bad girl.

1. Justin Bieber Allegedly Hooked Up With Jensen In Dec. 2012

The two reportedly had their first encounter last December during the time Bieber was still officially dating Gomez. The couple broke up in November of last year but reconciled and began dating again in December.

2. Their Night Together Consisted Of Both A Little Weed Smoking And "Sizzurp" Sipping

A source told Radar Online that the two started their night together with a quick trip to pick up some weed. This was followed by a trip to McDonald's. Upon returning to the Bieb's hotel, they continued their night with a few drinks of "sizzurp," a beverage made of cough syrup and any fruit-flavored soda.

3. She Is A Reality-TV Star

Jensen was cast for Season 11 of the Oxygen reality show "Bad Girls Club." She was asked to join the show after rumors of the Bieber one-night-stand began to circulate.

4. She Is A Former Nursing Student

Before becoming the target of hate from Selena Gomez fans around the world, Jensen was pursuing a nursing degree. She dropped out of the program to join the "Bad Girls Club" cast.

5. She Is Still "Team Selena"

Despite the fact that she says she slept with Gomez's ex-boyfriend, Jensen remains a fierce Selena Gomez fan. Oh, and she loves being compared to the star as well.

"I’m a huge Selena fan and I’m on Team Selena!" Jensen told "She is gorgeous! Anyone comparing me to her would be a compliment. I’ve gotten a few based on saying we look alike with our dark hair and skin!"