Myeshia Johnson became a familiar name Tuesday after President Donald Trump told the grieving widow of a fallen soldier that U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson, her husband, who died serving in northwestern Africa on Oct. 4, “knew what he signed up for."

Myeshia was travelling in a limo with Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) when POTUS called her Tuesday to offer condolences before her husband’s remains arrived in a commercial Delta Airlines flight at Miami International Airport.

The call, which lasted approximately 5 minutes, was put on speaker, and overheard by Wilson. “He knew what he signed up for... but when it happens it hurts anyway,” the president told a pregnant Myeshia

. The fallen soldier's wife reportedly broke down after she Trump made the remark.

According to Myeshia’s Facebook profile, she was born in Miami Florida and currently lives in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. She is employed as a cashier at Walmart and used to work as a saleswoman at Target.

Myeshia met the love of her life when she was six years old. After her husband’s death, she opened up about the conversation she had with him before he left for war, CBS News reported.

The Special Forces unit that La David was assigned to, assisted and advised Nigerians on dealing with terror groups in Niger, Africa. According to the Department of Defense, the unit was attacked by the Islamic State group in October, and La David could not get out alive.

“I told him before he leave that I love him and make sure he come back to me,” Myeshia said. “And he told me he was. And for them to knock on my door it just… my whole life changed in an instant. My husband was my soul mate. That was one of my main goals was for him to come home,” she recalled. “He needed to come home because we needed that closure for our family.”

Myeshia and La David have a daughter, 6, and a son, 2, together. Myeshia is currently pregnant with their third chid — a daughter, who is due to be born in January.

In order ensure that Myeshia’s kids have enough money to complete their college education, Wilson, through her 5,000 Role Models of Excellence program, has established a Go Fund Me page, where people can donate to help out the family of the fallen soldier.

The last post that Myeshia posted on her Facebook page urged people, who were going to attend La David’s funeral not to wear R.I.P shirts carrying his picture, to honour one of the wishes of her husband.

“Dear Lady, my heart breaks for you and what you have been through. Thank you for loving your dear soldier husband as you did. May God Bless you as you continue on as the Mother of these precious children of his,” commented one Facebook user below the post. Another commented, “You and your family have our deepest condolences. Your husband will not be forgotten and we are all deeply indebted to him and you as well. Rest in Peace, La David.”

Apart from that, Myeshia has filled up her Facebook page as well as that of her late husband’s with pictures and posts of that immortalize their time together as well as with their children.

“We have a lot of memories and videos and pictures and great times with him that we’ll cherish forever,” Myeshia told CBS.

According to a White House official, the president’s comments to Myeshia were never meant to be made public. “The President’s conversations with the families of American heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice are private,” the official told White House correspondent Ross Palombo reported.