Tyrese was married to his ex-wife, Norma, for two years. Above, he is pictured Feb. 22, 2014. Getty Images

“Fast and Furious” star Tyrese Gibson seemingly unraveled Wednesday as he fought for custody of his daughter, Shayla, with ex-wife Norma. It led some people to want to know more information about the woman Tyrese was married to.

Shayla was born in July 2007 and by December they were married. Tyrese generally remained mum about their relationship.

The good times didn’t last long, with the couple separating less than one year of marriage. Norma filed for divorce in 2009. Tyrese reportedly agreed to pay child support, with him claiming Wednesday he paid $13,000 per month.

Their battle for custody started in August when Norma accused Tyrese of abusing Shayla by hitting her 12 to 16 times.

Tyrese denied the allegations. “After nine years of working extremely hard to co-parent our child, I am disappointed to learn that the mother of my daughter has made gross and false accusations against my character in a shameful attempt to ruin our co-parenting efforts,” he said in a statement to People Magazine.

Physical and legal custody of Shayla was temporarily granted to Norma last month. Tyrese was ordered to stay 100 yards away from both of them.

Last week, he flew a banner over Shayla’s school that read, “No matter what, daddy loves you Shayla.”

“This disturbing behavior is a complete violation of the Restraining Order,” Norma’s lawyer, Aleen Khanjian, told The Blast Oct. 23. “It is a reflection of Mr. Gibson’s erratic state of mind.”

According to Norma, Tyrese was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. He reportedly denies the claim.

Tyrese’s ex wants him to get help. “Norma wants Tyrese, her ex-husband, to receive the therapy he needs so that their daughter can have the relationship with her father she deserves. Norma wishes nothing but the best for Tyrese and is willing to support him, through the courts, to become the father he wants to be,” her lawyer told People Magazine Oct. 25.

Tyrese posted a heartbreaking video Wednesday to social media. “Don’t my baby. Please don’t take my baby. This is all I got,” he said. “I’ve been away from my baby for two months. I just want my baby and no one’s listening because no one’s in the courtroom. I’m not doing anything illegal.”

Because of the abuse allegations, Tyrese said he was out of a job. “No one wants to hire me, Norma. Congratulations,” he said.

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