Juan Pablo Galavis
“Bachelor” alum Juan Pablo Galavis has found new love in Venezuelan model Osmariel Villalobos. He is pictured here at the “Write on Vegas” event in Las Vegas on Nov. 19, 2014. Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for BMI

Former “The Bachelor” star Juan Pablo Galavis has found new love in Venezuelan model and TV host Osmariel Villalobos.

Galavis told PEOPLE that he first saw Villalobos in a friend’s photo. He asked who she was, and his friend told him, “If you meet her in real life, you'll die. She's great!”

Curious, Galavis followed her on Instagram. He did not think much of her after that, but after she posted an adorable video of herself dancing with her nephew on May 13, Galavis cannot help but approach her.

“She replied to me, and then I wrote to her on private message. We talked about her nephew, and she said that she was spoiling him! We exchanged numbers and then we started texting each other. And it started that way," he recalled.

The two of them had instant chemistry. Galavis said they liked the same things and shared the same values.

“Her birthday is Aug. 2, which is three days before mine,” he said. “We're so much alike. She's like a female version of me – the Juan Pablo that people know personally, not the TV one!”

Galavis loves that Villalobos is family-oriented and genuinely cares for the people around her. They both love Reggaeton music and enjoy dancing all the time.

“We sing in the car – it's horrible singing, but we do it anyway. It's funny because I do better than her because I know more songs than she does. She likes sports, too. We just have a lot in common,” he further gushed.

Galavis earlier made headlines after he expressed his disapproval of having an openly gay or bisexual bachelor, since he considers them “more pervert in a sense.”

“I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV,” he told TV Page. “Obviously people have their husband and wife and kids and that is how we are brought up.”

But after receiving several backlash, Galavis issued an apology on his Facebook page. “The word pervert was not what I meant to say,” he wrote. “What I meant to say was that gay people are more affectionate and intense and for a segment of the TV audience this would be too racy to accept.”