Yale Saybrook
A person known only as the “poopetrator” has been defecating on students’ clothing in a laundry room at Yale University’s Saybrook College. Yale Admissions

Yale University is on high alert after an unidentified person dubbed the “poopetrator” defecated in the laundry room of an on-campus dormitory. According to the Yale Daily News, there have been four separate incidents of students finding their clothes covered in human feces at Saybrook College. After one student took the feces to the Saybrook Master’s Office, Yale police launched an investigation.

“We have asked our students not to leave their laundry unattended, the affected machines have been thoroughly disinfected, and we are actively seeking information about who the perpetrator might be,” Saybrook Master Paul Hudak told the Yale Daily News. “That’s about all we can do.”

The “poopetrator” incidents have left many students afraid to do laundry in their dorm. Many feel the university should install security guards, the Daily News reported. There are also reports of the “poopetrator” striking other dorms, but so far this hasn’t been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the “poopetrator” is increasing his or her visibility. As the New Haven Register reported, students awoke on Friday morning to find a clothesline of clothing covered in feces hanging in front of Berkeley College, another residential college.

According to the Yale Daily News, several students received emails from yale.poopetrator@gmail.com in the middle of the night with photographs of the ruined clothing in front of Berkeley College.

“Some people think the whole thing is funny; some think it is scary; and everyone thinks it is gross,” Yale sophomore David Steiner, one of the students who received photos, told the New Haven Register. “Everyone is talking about the Poopetrator,” Steiner said. “People are talking about him or her in their rooms, at the dinner table and in the laundry rooms. Many people, of course, do not leave their laundry unattended anymore.”

Saybrook’s Hudak told the Register the school is attempting to address the problem. “We’ve taken steps to ensure the cleanliness of the machines, we’ve increased surveillance, we’ve considered limiting access to the room,” he said.

“It has definitely set students on edge,” Yale junior Eric Stern told the Register. “Even ones, like me, who are not in the colleges where the incidents occurred. Every time I’ve done my laundry in the last few weeks, the other students in the basement look a whole lot more suspicious to me!”