Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has a hard time living a normal life. Pictured: Jolie olds a press conference at the Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees on Jan. 28, 2018 in Zaatari, Jordan. Salah Malkawi/ Getty Images

Dan Futterman recently said that he feels bad for Angelina Jolie.

Futterman and Jolie starred in the 2007 movie “A Might Heart.” While speaking with the New York Daily News at the Paris Theater premiere of “The Looming Tower,” Futterman said that Jolie is afflicted by the kind of crowds she attracts.

“At the time me and Angie would pile into a van in Bombay and we would go into a street corner and shoot a scene and slowly people would realize what was going on and try to crown in and we’d drive somewhere else. It’s too bad,” he said.

Futterman said that he feels bad for Jolie since she cannot live a normal life despite being such a smart and good person. “She’s so smart and good at what she does yet she can’t be like a normal person. I felt bad for her. It’s weird,” he said.

In related news, Jolie has stayed mum about the rumors surrounding Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s reconciliation. Earlier this week, Aniston announced her decision to split from Justin Theroux after less than years of marriage. Fans immediately speculated that the “Friends” alum will get back together with Pitt since he’s also single.

E! News even dubbed Aniston and Pitt as “everyone’s golden couple.” But regardless if the exes would reunite,

Aniston reportedly split from Theroux because she didn’t live to live in New York. Theroux, on the other hand, preferred New York over Los Angeles. “Jennifer is more comfortable in Los Angeles with her close-knit group of friends, but Justin doesn’t feel as at home in L.A. nor with Jennifer’s friends, he loves New York, and the edgier crowd in the city,” the source said.

During a recent interview with Architectural Digest, Aniston also gushed over her new home in Los Angeles. But the actress said Theroux helped with the interior of their stunning property.

“I look at my husband and my dogs and our home, and there’s nowhere else I want to be,” she said.