Apple Inc. is shutting down iTunes Connect for almost a week next month, but there’s nothing to be worried about. The company is just giving the people running the service some time off to enjoy the holiday season.

In a notice posted on its Apple Developer site, the Cupertino giant indicated that iTunes Connect will cease operations from Dec. 23 to 27 Pacific Time. The shutdown means the things that developers regularly do will not be allowed during the said period.

New apps and app updates submissions will not be accepted throughout the App Store Connect holiday downtime. Hence, Apple is advising developers to accomplish their submissions before Dec. 23. If possible, new releases should be submitted, approved and scheduled in advance.

Developers tend to offer various promotions during the holiday season, so they should notify Apple about pricing changes, discounts and their special offers way before the App Store closes for the holidays.

Pricing will be locked in before the shutdown. Delayed submissions for changes and promos will only be entertained once the App Store re-opens in late December, as pointed out by MacRumors.

It is important to note that while App Store submissions won’t be allowed during the 5-day period, other iTunes Connect tools and features will remain accessible to developers.

Every year, Apple temporarily halts the operations of iTunes Connect so that the staff can spend Christmas with their family and loved ones. The rest of the year, they work to approve app and update submissions within a couple of days. In cases when critical fixes are required, approval takes less than a day.

Interestingly, the Yuletide season is also the time when App Store downloads soar because many people receive iPhones and iPad tablets as gifts. After setting up their devices, users download apps and updates to try out, as per AppleInsider.

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Apple's iPads continue to sell well despite the shrinking tablet market, an IDC report claims. Getty Images/Spencer Platt